10 Diet Rules For Better Weight Loss

Did you know that there are certain diet rules out there that need to be followed judiciously to maintain an optimum healthy physic? Chances are that you might have heard all about these vital rules before. Let me put down 10 Diet Rules that you need to follow for better weight loss management:

  1. Never eat heavy at night. The total calories you consume over a 24-hour period or over a week is what causes to gain weight irrespective of time of consuming these calories.Your diet program should focus towards proper weight loss management.
  2. Eat when you’re hungry as well maintain a healthy eating habit at the same times every day.
  3. Avoid white bread or white flour. Consume whole grain instead. Brown bread, brown rice is the good example.
  4. Dietary fat takes longer to digest and having this keeps you feeling full longer without eating more. Foods that likely to fight off hunger the longest are protein foods, followed by carbohydrates, fats etc.
  5. Eat three meals and two small snacks every day. But never skip the breakfast and avoid eating after dinner. Juice diet could also be a better option.
  6. White bread, white pasta deliver fats whereas whole-wheat bread/pasta is a great source of nutrients, and it won’t make you gain weight more than any other food with the same number of calories.
  7. Experts conclude that quality of calories differs. Yes, you’ll get more nutrients from a 100-calorie apple than from a 100-calorie portion of white bread. Choose healthier items if you want a moderate weight loss, or control your hunger.
  8. Avoid processed foods and eat fresh food produce. Limit yourself to fresh fruits, vegetables, green leafy plants, nuts etc.
  9. Include oily little fishes in your diet meals. Oily fishes like Sardines, tuna are one of the healthiest foods having nutritional powerhouse containing the best source of Omega-3 fatty acid with vitamin D.
  10. Take 2000 calorie diet as daily requirement for average women, of which 225-325 gm carbohydrate and 46 gm of protein .That for man, it is 2500 calorie diet with 281-406 gm of carbohydrates and 56 gm of protein.